Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pre 1680 Royal Treasure Cave

The backward S in this rock face is an icon symbol left by the KGC. It is actually two backward J's. Some say that it belonged to Jesse James.

The icon messages indicates that the KGC has removed the treasure from this site.

At the base of the redrock, there is a tunnel roof visible for about 15 feet. The tunnel appears to be 5' wide .

There are danger warnings at this tunnel entrance that indicates traps are setup for the univited and there might be safer entrance to use.

Once we found a cave similar to this one that was the home to about 100 very unhappy rattlesnakes.

Note: This JJ-KGC icon was chiseled on another much older rock icon of a sad young boy wearing Spanish helmet.

Monday, May 19, 2008

This Forgotten Spanish Gold/Silver Mine is almost impossible to locate by sight. During the late 1700's, several Spanish miners lived & worked here undetected.

Hostile Indians were always a danger. Water had to be hauled from the nearest spring or creek.

Wild game was abundant but beans and corn had to be traded for from the nearest source.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Secret Codes for Secret Societies!

We will be posting some interesting Treasure Hunting photographs with descriptive text soon.
Included will be actual photographs of Spanish & KGC icons to treasure, actual 1700-1800's Lost Spanish Mines and outlaw hideouts.

Here is a copy of the seal that the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) used prior to 1769. There are several Jesuit Treasure Icons on this item.